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California DECA History

California became an official State Association member of National DECA in 1951. From 1953 to 1958, the California Association of DECA became known as the Future Retailers of California. In 1958 the Future Retailers of California separated into two individual divisions. The high school division became the California Association of DECA and the junior college division became the Marketing Clubs of California. Both divisions continued to hold joint state leadership conferences until 1965.

In 1985 the California Advisory Board (CAB) for DECA was formed. Industry representatives and business leaders from all over California are members of this active committee. In 1997 National DECA recognized the CAB as an official state business partnership. CAB business professionals provide direction, resources, and evaluation for marketing education/DECA, as well as lead and collaborate with local business and education partners on specific projects. This partnership links school and work with an integrated education effort to build a vital and responsive work force.

California DECA operated with two divisions, Northern and Southern, until 1988. At that time Southern California split into two divisions, Los Angeles and San Diego . In 1993, the Los Angeles District split and formed the Inland Empire District. In 2000 Los Angeles and San Diego united and became the Coastal District. Northern California has elected to remain one large district with three smaller districts in Southern California .

The California DECA Inc, Board of Directors includes elected representatives from each of the three districts (numbers based on membership), a representative from industry, a representative from the CA Department of Education, the State President, and the State Advisor. The Board of Directors meets two-three times a year and is the policy-making body of California DECA. Each district may also elect a leadership team, made up of local advisors to assist with district conferences.

The State Officer Team for California DECA includes: State President, Vice President of Communications, Vice President of Civic Consciousness and a State Vice President from each of the three districts. The Vice Presidents are considered the President for each district. These students are elected at the State Career Development Conference each spring. Their term is for one year, running from state conference through June of the following year. The State Officer team attends the State Officer leadership academy at the National DECA Career Development Conference. DECA State Officers also attend the Western Region Officer Training Camp each year.

CA DECA is tracking its alumni and hopes to develop a strong partnership with our past students.


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