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State Officer Biographies

Albert Zeng
State President

Albert Zeng is a Junior from Monta Vista High School and is thrilled to serve as your 2015-2016 State President. Hearing about DECA as a freshman, Albert was initially unsure if joining DECA was right for him. Now, after 2 years of meeting incredible people and making unforgettable memories at district, state, and international conferences, he looks back on his decision as the best choice he has ever made. Throughout his DECA journey, Albert has served as a chapter officer, increasing membership and boosting competitive excellence; a Silicon Valley DECA County VP, connecting with different chapters and encouraging the growth of new chapters; and a District President as well, increasing attendance at the Silicon Valley leadership conference by 40%. Albert is excited to continue connecting with members and utilizing his experience to take the State to even greater heights.

Albert enjoys helping others in his free time and does work in the community. He is privileged to serve as the President of HEARTS, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing education to underprivileged children all around the world. Albert’s hobbies include figure skating, watching wildlife, and reading random Wikipedia pages. Though he loves all animals, his favorite animal is the Canada Goose, a bird that can be found in many parks near his home.

Albert is extremely appreciative of the support he receives from his friends, family, chapter, and chapter advisor, Carl Schmidt. Albert is ecstatic to serve California DECA and looks forward to making our state excel!


Moksh Jawa
Vice President of Communications

Moksh Jawa is a sophomore at Washington High School and is honored to serve as your California DECA Vice President of Communications. Moksh’s DECA journey started his freshman year and he considers this decision the best one he has made in his life so far. As an active member for two years, Moksh developed an unrelenting passion for DECA and recognizes the connections and opportunities that DECA has given him. Moksh’s competitive DECA experience includes placing 1st at the Northern District Career Development Conference in 2014 and qualifying for the International Career Development Conference 2015.

Apart from DECA, Moksh plays for his school’s varsity tennis team and teaches AP Computer Science to students at his high school. He has also created a free online course that enables any high school student across the globe to study AP Computer Science. Moksh’s hobbies include reading, coding, and playing football.

Moksh is extremely grateful for all of the support he has received from his friends, family, chapter, and his DECA advisor. He looks forward to working with Team 65 and a great year for California DECA!


Abhisek Sahoo
Vice President of Northern California

Abhisek Sahoo, a four-year DECA member from Amador Valley High School is excited to serve as your Vice President of Northern California during the 2015-2016 DECA season. Previously serving as a chapter officer, Abhisek plans to carry his extensive leadership skills and apply them to elevate California DECA.

Abhisek has been a member of DECA every since his freshman year, and has fallen in love with the organization ever since attending his first district conference in 2013. Abhisek has consistently placed in role-play and written events, placing 3rd and 1st in role-plays at district conference, 1st in written at district conference, and 1st in written at the state conference. Stepping into the Georgia Dome at ICDC 2014 in Atlanta, Abhisek truly experienced the thrilling sensation that DECA gives to its members.

Medical sciences have also been a major part of Abhisek’s life. He is involved with other organizations like HOSA, ValleyCare Health, and Vitas Hospice. While his main focus is business and communication, Abhisek’s dream career would partake in management at a local hospital or medical center.

DECA is a priority for Abhisek, but athletics are also a large part of his life.  Abhisek joined the varsity tennis team his sophomore year and has made it his go-to activity whenever he needs a breath of fresh air. Being a naturally competitive individual, Abhisek will always invite anyone for a game of one on one in any sport, game, or competition.

Abhisek is tremendously thankful for his chapter, parents, and friends who supported him throughout his DECA journey. He is excited to reach new heights with California DECA.


Cathy Ding
Vice President of Southern California

Cathy Ding, an active student of Martin Luther King High School, is excited to serve as your 2015-2016 Vice President of Southern California.

In the past year of being an active three-year member of her high school’s DECA, Cathy served as the vice president of her chapter. Cathy has placed first overall for Retail Merchandising at mini conference, second overall at the Southern California Career Development Conference and top eight overall at the California State career development conference for two consecutive years. She was also a top eight finalist at the 2015 California State Career Development conference for the International Business Plan Written Event.

For two years, Cathy served as a social media correspondent for national DECA. She has five published articles written for the national DECA online newsletter, DECA Direct. In addition to being involved with DECA, Cathy is also an active member in her school and community. She serves as the vice president of the California Scholarship Federation and as the vice president of public relations for National Honors Society. DECA has helped Cathy realize that her passion lies within the business field and her goal is to pursue a degree in entrepreneurial studies in the fall of 2016.

DECA has truly transformed Cathy into a better individual and has instilled in her a burning passion for this organization. Cathy is thankful for her family, friends, chapter, alumni and advisors, Mrs. Blue and Mr. Camacho. She is ready to work with team 65 to make the upcoming DECA year the best one yet.


Zuhayer Quazi
Vice President of Public Relations

Zuhayer Quazi, a junior at Mission San Jose High School, is excited to serve as California DECA’s Vice President of Public Relations this year. His passion for business and entrepreneurship influenced his decision to join DECA his sophomore year, a choice that would have a larger impact on his life than he anticipated. Excelling in all of his events, Zuhayer qualified for ICDC for the Virtual Business Challenge, the Finance Operations Research Event (placing 7th place overall), and the Business Law and Ethics TDM Event. With his team, he worked with Fremont Bank and obtained a $600 sponsorship for MSJ DECA in his first year.

Apart from DECA, Zuhayer also serves as his school’s ASB Vice President, directing and managing all of Mission San Jose High School’s clubs and lockers, along with planning student events on campus, from student orientation to senior graduation, and everything in between. He is an officer of four school clubs, a competitive cricketer, and an active volunteer for many community events.

Zuhayer is truly grateful for all the support he has received from his family, friends, teachers, and chapter. Stepping up to the challenge, Zuhayer is eager to work with Team 65 and ensure California DECA members succeed and reach their fullest potential with DECA.


Jacinta Chang
Vice President of Silicon Valley

Jacinta Chang is a student at Mission San Jose High School and is honored to serve as the Vice President of Silicon Valley for the upcoming year. When she was a freshman, she was convinced that the business world was not the place for her, but after joining DECA her sophomore year, realized that DECA has something to offer everyone. Her eyes were opened when she realized how DECA impacts its members, and since, has enjoyed connecting with others and creating memories with friends new and old.

Jacinta qualified to compete at ICDC her first year, and served as a Social Media Correspondent for the @tlantaLIVE Social Media Team in Atlanta, Georgia. She went on to become the Director of Corporate Relations for her chapter, MSJ DECA, as well as the Vice President of Fashion for Silicon Valley DECA. Her experiences helped to foster her love for the organization, and taught her more about leadership and management.

Apart from DECA, Jacinta has a passion for writing, and is extremely involved in the journalism field. She is the Web Editor for her school newspaper, the Smoke Signal, and the Scriptwriter for MSJ’s television station, MSJTV. This past summer she was one of fourteen students selected to work with the San Jose Mercury News, and the experience was a memory she will not forget.

With an interest in the hospitality industry, Jacinta has a love of traveling to new places to experience different cultures, especially when it comes to tasting international cuisine. She has always had a fascination for hotels, and at some point in the future hopes to be able to work in one as an events manager or planner.

Jacinta is extremely grateful for every person who has supported her on her DECA journey, and would like to thank her chapter, Silicon Valley DECA Officer Team, and best friends for always encouraging her. She is excited to serve as the President of her region and an officer on Team 65, and hopes to give back to the organization that has molded her into the person she is today.



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