September 24, 2010

Members Wanted!


This year is the 60th Anniversary for California DECA. To really kick off our 60th Anniversary Celebrations and to lay the foundation for the next 60 years we are asking that each chapter join us in a special membership recruitment effort in partnership with National DECA. What is most exciting about this membership recruitment effort is that there are plenty of INCENTIVES to reward chapters for their efforts which makes it a win-win situation for everyone involved. Read on to learn more.
National DECA has selected 9 key State Associations to take part in a membership development project. The goal is to increase DECA membership within each target state while increasing membership nationally. California was chosen as one of those states and we look forward to the challenge of increasing our reach throughout the State of California by recruiting more members and adding new chapters. We can’t do it alone. We need your help.
Our membership recruitment campaign has three main goals: 1. Increase our Membership to 2,800 members. 2. Recruit 10 new chapters. 3. Support and Mentor our new chapters.
Our Challenge:
1. Each chapter is challenged to increase their membership by 10 more members than last year.
2. Chapters are also challenged to reach out to neighboring schools and help recruit new DECA chapters so that we can recruit at least 10 new chapters statewide.
3. Chapter advisors are challenged to join us in our mentoring efforts by volunteering to serve as a mentor to our new chapters as they come on board.
1. If we reach our goal of 2,800 members we will earn one additional allocation slot to ICDC in Team Decision Making, Individual Series, and Principles Events so that we will be able to send our top 4 in each of those events (we currently only send the top 3 teams/individuals).
2. Chapters who increase their membership by 10 more members than last year will earn the Entrepreneur Level and receive $500.00 under the 2010-2011 SB70 Chapter Grant Program
3. Chapters with the highest membership increases (both total membership increase and percentage membership increase) will be recognized on stage with a plaque and special recognition at the State CDC
4. Advisors of chapters with highest membership increases (both total membership increase and percentage membership increase) will receive special recognition and a gift certificate at the Advisor Meeting at the State CDC
5. Chapters who recruit a new chapter will be eligible for an additional $500.00 grant per new chapter recruited (up to $10,000 statewide) under the SB70 Chapter Grant Program
In the coming days you’ll be hearing more about this exciting new program. What we ask you to do now is start working with your chapter officers to begin strategizing on how your chapter will increase their membership and what you can do to reach out to other schools to get more chapters started in your area.

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