September 20, 2013

NEW! Chapter Resources


Have you ever contemplated how to host a parent night? Have you thought about ways to raise money for your chapter? Did you ever wonder what a competitive event was when you first joined DECA? These questions have all now been taken into account. Based on the needs and requests of California DECA’s various members and chapters, the 2013-2014 State Officer Team has begun creating new resources for chapters and members alike! After carefully listening to our members, State Officer Team 63 has designed resources to benefit chapters in the areas where assistance has been requested the most. These new tools can be found by clicking the “NEW! Chapter Resources” option under the “Resources” tab or clicking the attachment below.
The “NEW! Chapter Resources” page is broken up into 7 categories: Competitive Events, Fundraising, New Chapters, Meetings, Advocacy, Middle School Outreach, and Press Releases. Spread across all areas, it is our belief that these resources will significantly aid chapters in running operations on a day-to-day basis for maximum success. Resources range from Powerpoints that can be presented to chapter members to sample meeting agendas and press release templates.
Consistent with Team 63’s desire to empower members to Make It Count, these resources are just the start of a hopefully endless archive. New resources will be continually added this year, and it is our vision to have this resource list become a growing database for years to come! If you have any resources that would be helpful for other chapters, or if you have ideas on other resources that need to be developed, please contact We encourage you to explore the various resources that have been created by the state officers and are now available to you! Take advantage of these tools to help foster YOUR success!
New! Chapter Resources

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