December 23, 2013

Running for California DECA State Office


Interested in making your high school experience one you’ll never forget? Running for state office is the way to go! As a State Officer, you will gain valuable skills, meet intellectual peers and experience once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. Let’s break down the “what”, “why” and “how” of running for state office!
What does it mean to be a State Officer? As a State Officer, you will represent the 4500+ members of California DECA and interact with the community and national DECA. State Officers attend DECA conferences, connect with professionals, advocate to legislators and work to strengthen California DECA’s name. As a State Officer, you’re required to attend meetings and complete assignments, and these duties teach you responsibility and help establish a great worth ethic. You can run for either an appointed or elected State Officer position.  The two appointed positions are Vice President of Communications and Vice President of Public Relations. The elected positions are State President and your respective District’s Vice President.
Why should you run for state office? State office prepares you for college and your career because it teaches you confidence, ambition, professionalism, hard work,, and much more. Running for state office takes your involvement to the next level and can open up opportunities in various industries. State office will take you all around the country and will expose you to a diverse group of peers in which you will create long-lasting friendships.
If you want to be a leader, yet still learn, run for state office. If you want to make amazing memories, run for state office.
Running for state office requires planning and dedication. Download the State Officer Candidate packet on to learn the requirements and details. Every candidate must pass the DECA Knowledge Test with 90% or above and must be a junior, sophomore or freshman. Candidates have to schedule interviews with a Board of Directors member at their District CDC and submit a portfolio to California DECA. At State CDC, campaigning will begin and each candidate can spend a maximum of $200 on their booth. Candidates for appointed  positions will attend a Board interview and elected positions will be voted on by chapter voting delegates.
Good luck with your campaigns! If you have any questions about state office, contact a current State Officer, or visit the Running for Office page on!

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