December 30, 2014

Competition Tips


Competition season is approaching! We want all of our members to represent California DECA, so we can proudly proclaim #IAmDECA at ICDC in Orlando, Florida. The state officers have prepared a list of quick role play tips to help you succeed this year.

  1. Start and finish strongly: Start off your role play with a firm handshake and strong eye contact with your judge. You want the judge’s first impression of your performance to be powerful. Also, introduce yourself in the position that the roleplay has presented you. Then, end by scheduling a follow up meeting with your judge to demonstrate engagement in the role play situation.
  2. Give examples: When presenting following the structure of your performance indicators, give examples to strengthen your points. These examples will help you stand out and be memorable to your judge. Judges listen to many role plays a day and it is very important to make your impression on the judge.
  3. Confidence is key: Even if you are unsure about a performance indicator, power through it and exude confidence in your speech. Take a deep breath and continue with confidence and passion!

The state officers suggest having mini competitions in your chapter so you can practice putting these tips into action. You can find sample role plays at to help you succeed in each of your events. Practice role plays will familiarize you with the procedure, and by the time you get to your District CDC, you’ll be ready to take first place. Remember, practice makes perfect, and don’t forget to have fun!

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