January 15, 2015

Register for the State Career Development Conference Today!


With the district conference season well underway, the State Career Development Conference is just around the corner. This year, with almost 5,000 registered California DECA members, we are expecting record-breaking attendance at SCDC, and you surely do not want to miss being a part of the amazing programs and features Team 64 and California DECA have planned out for you.
One of the major changes to our registration process this year is that t-shirt sizes for each member will be required in the online sign-up process. We have made the SCDC t-shirts available at no extra charge this year, so make sure to take advantage of this and record all of your chapter attendees’ t-shirt sizes when registering.
To view the Quick Registration Guide with the overview and all of the important deadlines, click here.
All registration materials will be due on February 4, 2015, by 5:00PM to the respective email addresses listed on the Quick Registration Guide.
Once logged into your advisor account in the DECA registrations system, you may click “Add Students,” and your entire chapter roster will populate. Enter the number of years in DECA, t-shirt size, and change “Not Attending” to “Student” in the list for every member that is attending, and click save. You may then click on “Edit & Select Events” to register competitive events that your chapter member selected.
In addition, we encourage all chapters to register their president(s) and/or most valued members in the recognition breakfast. To do so, please click the “Items” link of the desired student and enter “1” quantity for the breakfast option (vegetarian or non-vegetarian).
Once you have registered all of your students online, please also be sure to send in your hotel rooming lists and summary sheets to Santa Clara Marriott for processing. Hotel occupancy is on a first-come, first-serve basis, so make sure to send in your forms early. Otherwise, your chapter may be assigned another hotel venue for the overnight stays.
If you have any questions or concerns regarding the SCDC registration process, please don’t hesitate to email the California DECA staff at or contact the state officer team.

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