February 20, 2015

State CDC Preview


California DECA, it’s time for the 2015 State Career Development Conference in Santa Clara, California! At this conference, you will be able to demonstrate your knowledge of business and earn yourself a spot at the 2015 International Career Development Conference in Orlando, Florida. This year, California DECA has reached over 5,000 members, securing us 4 spots for the top finishers in role-play and written events.
The State Conference is from February 26th to March 1st. Before you come to Santa Clara, plan out some chapter activities. Scope out good eating locations and think about calling in a reservation.
On Thursday, members from all over California will be testing in their events. There will also be a State Officer Candidate Briefing for those who have chosen to run for state office. On Friday, members will compete in their role-plays. Following the role-plays will be Opening Session in Great America! On Saturday, it is time for members to compete in their written events. Later that evening will be formal recognition along with the annual DECA dance. There will also be a photo room for members to take pictures and network with their DECA friends all over California. The conference will conclude on Sunday with the Grand Awards Session. Members will find out if they made it to the International Career Development Conference.
Members from all over California will join together in excitement for our State Career Development Conference. So make sure you don’t forget anything important, such as:

  • Student ID
  • Professional dress clothes
  • Visual aids to accompany your written event
  • Bathing suits
  • A charger for your electronic devices
  • Toothbrush
  • Four-function calculator for your exam
  • Snacks for your hotel room

Your State Officer Team is excited to see everyone at this year’s State Career Development Conference! Safe travels and see you soon!


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