May 22, 2015

Team 65 Visits the State Capitol


Your state officers visited Sacramento May 15th- May 17th. Their meeting served two purposes: developing an action plan for the upcoming year, and advocating for support of Assembly Bill 916 (AB916), which potentially can provide over 1.17$ million to Career Technical Student Organizations (CTSOs) and Career Technical Education (CTE).
Friday morning, the officers embarked on six different meetings with legislative staff of the officer’s respective counties. During this visit, the officers not only represented DECA, but represented the six different CTSOs in California as bill AB916 pertains to all of these organizations. While speaking to the legislator’s staff, the officers quickly realized how past leaders are eager to see emerging leaders grow and succeed in the future, as many staff members shared their interest in supporting bill AB916.
Your Vice President of Public Relations, Zuhayer Quazi summarized the visit into the following words, “Meeting with the representatives of our district legislators and sharing our DECA stories gave them a sense of what CTE is all about, potentially gaining legislative support for AB916, which will appropriate over $1.17 dollars to CTSOs, like DECA.”
In terms of the action plan for the upcoming year, the state officers joined heads and collaborated on each key detail that would play a role in another year of excellence for California DECA. The plan of work contained three major sections, Membership Development, Publicity, and Advocacy. Together, the officers planned out and determined dates to execute the subtasks that would fall under each goal. The officers presented the plan of work to California’s Board of Directors, who critiqued the plan and offered their own suggestions and support.
Your Vice President of Communications, Moksh Jawa said, “ I feel very prepared for this upcoming year because the Plan of Work has helped us map out exactly what we want to achieve. Having dates and targets in mind, I’m know exactly what and how we will accomplish this next year.”
Overall, the state officers have fulfilled many tasks since their election to office early March, and they look forward to having a fantastic year with California DECA. Be EPIC!

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