November 12, 2016

A Look Back on SoCal LDC

Author: California DECA

When several buses packed with enthusiastic DECA members from across Southern California arrived at the UC, Irvine Athletic Recreation Center, many college students seemed perplexed. This was the scene of the Southern California Leadership Development Conference (LDC) which took place at UC, Irvine last month. Students moved inside where they spent several hours in intensive workshops, training them in leadership, advocacy, and competitive success.
After a lunchtime Presidents Council meet-and-greet, members were split into two groups to participate in an afternoon of activities. The first was the Labyrinth, a mind-twisting, puzzle-solving, team-building game that focused on members’ abilities to communicate and collaborate. It was quite the scene as members attempted to unlock a box hidden by an aging archaeologist in hopes of finding a rare, prized gem! Members were excited by the crazy puzzles and challenges that were thrown at them from all angles.
Next was the low ropes course, led by several UC Irvine staff members. Members worked together, despite various challenges, to complete a number of tasks, including: forming shapes with rope, uncovering various pictures, and many more. Students were challenged to think creatively and work together to uncover the answers!
All in all, SoCal LDC was a great success! From working together in activities to spending time in informative workshops, members found that there was never a dull moment at SoCal LDC!

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