May 2, 2016

Conquering the Post-ICDC Blues

Author: Joel Beckwith

It’s hard to believe that ICDC 2016 is already over. Where did all of the epic times with fellow members go? If you are already feeling those post-ICDC blues, this post is here to help you!
First, you are going to want to get our all of your DECA swag and trading pins! Hopefully you were able to collect unique pins from all over the world. Let’s take a look at some of the best pins from ICDC this year:

  • Colorado: Featuring music notes and a blue light border, the Colorado pin was one of the most looked-for pins at ICDC.
  • Maryland: One of my personal faves, this giant pin had a crab holding a Maryland flag.
  • Guam: Perhaps the most difficult pin to get at ICDC, this rare gem was in the shape of the tropical island.
  • California: Hey! No shame in the Golden State! This pin had a rock and roll theme accompanied by flashing lights and palm trees.

If looking at your amazing pins didn’t get you past your blues, maybe remembering Nashville will! Here are some of the most epic things in Nashville that we got to see at ICDC:

  • The Gaylord Opryland: Wow! This hotel was gorgeous, completely adorned with countless flora. The Opryland was so massive, I don’t think I found a member who could navigate it without getting lost!
  • The Batman Building: Whenever busing into Downtown Nashville, the Batman Building was always in sight. The tallest building in the area, it sports two large spires reminiscent of a certain masked hero.
  • The Music City Center: Nashville is filled with unbelievable architectural marvels including the MCC. A beautiful combination of steel, wood and glass, the building where we all competed was quite something to look at.

If that didn’t help you, maybe these amazing facts will! California was one of the most competitive states at ICDC this year, all thanks to you! We had:

  • 79 Competition Finalists
  • 50 Teams & Individuals in the Top 10
  • 23 Teams & Individuals in the Top 3
  • 8 First Place Trophies

Remember, DECA doesn’t have to end just because it’s the end of the school year. This summer, San Francisco will be hosting the DECA Emerging Leader Summit, July 8-10. Make sure to sign up for the ultimate experience in being not only a leader in your chapter, but in your professional life as well! I hope this helped all of you in your post-ICDC blues and I look forward to seeing you all again at ELS this summer!

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