May 20, 2016

#DECAepic ICDC Success

Author: California DECA

The hundreds of thousands of dedicated, passionate leaders, competitors, and advisors that make up DECA Inc. work all year towards a common goal – the International Career Development Conference. During the week of April 23rd through the 26th in Nashville, Tennessee, DECA Inc. held the 2016 ICDC, with a more than 17,500 dedicated individuals present.
A team of 515 members represented California DECA this year in Nashville, an all-time high for our association. Just months ago, our members were sitting in the same testing room, competing against each other to qualify to this years ICDC – yet, we joined together as a single team in Nashville, achieving the utmost competitive success for California DECA.
California DECA held a competitive training workshop at ICDC this year once again. At the session, members competing in the same event category worked with past winners, gaining guidance and tips for their respective events. At the end of the session, a winners panel assembled to answer questions of what to expect at ICDC.
As an association, California DECA had 79 finalist teams, with 55 of those teams placing in the Top 10 of their respective events, and best of all, 25 Top-3 winners. We had teams tackle every competitive event, with finalists in all competitive categories, from Individual series, to virtual business challenge, to stock market game, and operations research. Our devoted members represented our Golden State in a positive way, establishing California DECA as a prominent state at the International Level. View the full ICDC winners list here.
The Team 66 state officers participated in numerous activities at ICDC, including the selecting and voting process of choosing the new executive officer team. California DECA would like to congratulate, Donald LeCompte, Brandon Allen, Emily Fraser, Victoria Meng, and Rohan Ghiya. We look forward to a great year!
We have shown the world that California DECA is a united, powerful association, consisting of emerging leaders, entrepreneurs, and competitors. Your state officer team is extremely pleased with this years turn out, and is proud to represent the state of California. Now, let us get ready for a new year, we can’t wait to see how you #OwnYourFuture.

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