April 11, 2016

How to Get the Most Out of ICDC

Author: Joel Beckwith

The 2016 International Career Development Conference is just around the corner, and much of your waiting will soon be over. At ICDC, you will not be spending all of your time competing. In fact, it is likely that you will have at least one day where you will not have any competition-related activities. So, with your extra time, what can you do in Nashville? This list is here to help you maximize your epic ICDC experience, and have the best time in Nashville.

  1. Have your written project finished. Some of you will be attending ICDC for a written project, which can often times be very stressful. Make sure that your project has been fully revised and reprinted, as well as a NEW Written Statement of Assurance is in the front of your project – all in a DECA Folio. Make sure to double check your project for errors! Talking from experience, you do not want to be at ICDC and notice that your project has an error (in my case, an entire map was missing), thus being forced to wait in line at Kinkos with the countless other students who noticed errors.
  2. Pack two days before you fly. The last thing you want before you fly is a rush to get everything in your suitcase; risking that you may lose or forget something. By having all of your essentials packed early, you can insure that you won’t have to buy anything important at ICDC. Don’t forget to pack all of your toiletries before you go!
  3. Bring a photo ID. All competition registrations require that you have an ID. Again, speaking from experience, you need an ID at manual registration and your physical competition. It can be either a school ID or a government-issued ID.
  4. Research places to eat and relax. Nashville has many incredible attractions all across the city. By researching fun places to eat and play, you will never be bored at ICDC (although it already isn’t boring!). Some personal recommendations would be touring Vanderbilt University and the Country Music Hall of Fame and eating at Nashville Street Tacos. You should also add your own research to these recommendations.

By following this list, you can definitely make ICDC the most epic conference yet! One final word of advice: Make sure to leave time to practice with your partners (if you have one). Having a strong team connection will show in your competition. Good luck to everyone at ICDC and have safe travels! #CAGold
Nashville Riverfront

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