December 26, 2016

Prepare for District CDC

Author: California DECA

Competition season is just around the corner, and it is time to make sure you are prepared to Own Your District CDC! This article will show you how to prepare to conquer your competition and make sure that you bring all your necessary materials to the conference.
Starting in 2014, DECA Inc. began posting the primary instructional area(s) assessed in each of the district level scenarios online. This means you only have to study a specific section of all the performance indicators listed in your cluster. For example, if you are participating in Accounting Applications Series Event, the scenarios would be listed as follows: Scenario #1 – Financial Analysis, Scenario #2 – Financial Analysis. Then go to the document of all the performance indicators in your cluster, which can be found here or by visiting under the competitive events section, and find the section which has the title “Instructional Area: Financial Analysis (FI)”. The instructional area will be on multiple pages, so make sure you look through the entire document to not miss anything. When studying for the written test, be sure to check out the sample exams listed on Also check with your advisor to see if your chapter has purchased study material from DECA Images.
As far as packing for District CDC’s, you typically need enough clothing for a 3-day conference. I highly recommend checking out an article from former Western Region Vice President Kyle Kuo. While the article is written for ICDC, many of the principals can be carried over. Here a is brief summary of the article:

  1. Make a schedule of what you are going to wear.
  2. You can wear thing more than once.
  3. Check the weather report.
  4. Think big, but pack small (Meaning use all of the available space in your suitcase).
  5. Think about repacking (Make sure you have enough room for items you might buy at the conference).

You are now properly prepared for your District CDC. Remember to study your performance indicators, make a packing list beforehand, and get ready to kick off 2017 with a bang. California DECA you are now ready to Own Your District Conference!

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