October 21, 2016

Professional Learning Series Webinars

Author: California DECA

For those that we’re able to join us, we’ve posted the webinar series on YouTube! Each of these topics are a chance for advisors of any level to better integrate DECA into their class room and further develop their chapter. These brief 15-30 minute sessions will highlight the specific topics needed to expand one’s DECA knowledge.
See below for a brief description of each webinar and their links:
Beyond The Stage: Students participating in DECA’s competitive events learning program develop and apply various knowledge and skills essential for success in the 21st century. Peek beyond the stage to discover unique ways to foster classroom learning with DECA competitive events and what students gain from engagement in the program. (
Chapter Communication Strategies: Content is king. Learn how to put together a comprehensive chapter communications strategy that speaks to both your internal and external audiences. We’ll discuss effective ways to communicate with your chapter members, within your school and to your community using traditional and emerging techniques. (
Let’s Talk About DECA: Need to garner deeper support for DECA learning activities from your administration? This session helps campus administrators understand how DECA’s Comprehensive Learning Program aligns with education initiatives and enriches the student learning environment. Packed with resources to share with prospective administrators, this content allows you to have conversations with existing and potential stakeholders. (

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California DECA is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) Career and Technical Student Organization, endorsed by the California Department of Education. With over 4,500 members in 59 schools throughout California, California DECA works to prepare emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in four fields of business: marketing, finance, hospitality, and management. For more information about California DECA, visit


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