February 16, 2016

Roses are red, DECA Diamonds are Blue Read why your state officers love DECA too.

Author: Cathy Ding, VP of Southern California

I love DECA because it has empowered me with the skills to pursue entrepreneurship. My first experience starting a business was in middle school, when I cofounded a nonprofit organization called HEARTS. During one of my trips to China, I learned that many rural children have no opportunity to obtain an education because their family’s financial situation forces them to work the fields in order to put food on the table. At the time, my primary goal was to make a positive impact on the world, and when I entered high school, DECA empowered me with the skills I needed to do just that. I love DECA because it has given me the mindset, the confidence, the skills, and the connections to pursue my dreams. #DECAlove
Albert Zeng, State President
Roses are red, DECA Diamonds are blue
Without DECA I would’ve never met YOU.
I love DECA because it has helped me propelled my future career as a female in the field of business and entrepreneurship. DECA allowed me to break out of societal confinements and break the glass ceiling within young women in the business industry. Through the valuable skills I have gained in DECA, I was able to start my own business, C’est La Vie & Company which is dedicated to empowering women of all shapes and sizes and redefining what true beauty means. DECA built a foundation for me to build my confidence, my passion and most of all myself. This strength DECA has instilled in me has inspired me to empower all younger females breaking into entrepreneurship to aspire to do something bigger, better and brighter. #DECAlove
Cathy Ding, Vice President of Southern California
“Love” is a strong word. Do I “love” DECA? Yes. But not even “love” can possibly encompass all of the mesmerizing feelings that surround me every time I walk into a conference, greet a new member, or shake the hands of a judge. DECA simply leaves me spellbound.
“Would you rather buy 100,000 Seattle Seahawks Jerseys or an average home?”
“The Jerseys.” – Unnamed 21 year-old, 3rd time senior in the high school special education program.
DECA empowered me to change this answer. DECA helped me create my own financial literacy organization. Giving over 450 students in my local community the skills to personally manage their own monetary investments, I passed on DECA skills for a wide array of future college success.
“Would you rather buy 100,000 Seattle Seahawks Jerseys or an average home?”
“The home.”
DECA, is my home. #DECAlove
Abhisek Sahoo, Vice President of Northern California
Dearest DECA,
It fills me with that gummy sap you feel late at night when I think about the special things about you. At times, I anxiously crave more, but I keep that a secret. The cliche three words “I love you,” would be an understatement. as you have given me so much more than anyone ever has. The fact that you have opened me up to so many opportunities–from learning to energetically square dance (almost flawlessly) in Texas, to leading workshops for hundreds of students, to inspiring me to pursue entrepreneurship–is truly amazing. To you, I was not just one of many. You give each and every one of your students the ability to pursue their passions and build a network. As I now pass on DECA skills to hundreds of students at my chapter, apply my knowledge to the real world, and build lasting relationships with DECA friends, I can confidently claim that you are the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. Whenever I’m around you, I just get that tingle deep inside me that tells me you’re the one.
DECA is love, DECA is life. #DECAlove
Zuhayer Quazi, Vice President of Public Relations
L – O – V – E.
Four letters, four single letters. Apart, each letter has a job of its own, but together, the letters join together to hold meaning.
Ever since joining DECA, I’ve found a new form of meaning in my life – a new form of love. There’s something so beautiful about loving an organization which has opened your eyes to a new world. A new network, a new outlook, a new surge of confidence – each aspect adds a layer to how much DECA can change someone’s life.
DECA has not only paved the path for me to gain experience in the field I love, it’s really encouraged me to take my future into my own hands. DECA has shown me that, if I am willing to give my time and effort, I can mold my future.
If I love, I will, in turn, receive love.
Four letters, four simple letters. Apart, each letter is like any other, but together, they spell an organization which has brought a new form of love into my life.
D – E – C – A.
Jacinta Chang, Vice President of Silicon Valley 
I love DECA because it has given me skills that can be used in any industry. For me, I am particularly passionate about spreading computer science education. DECA has enabled me to approach large corporations and get support for my ventures. I would not have been able to right a business plan, come up with a promotional plan, or develop a professional presentation had it not been for DECA. I am extremely grateful to be a part of DECA because it has given the network, resources, confidence, and skills to be prepared for college and a future career. #DECAlove
Moksh Jawa, Vice President of Communications

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