August 23, 2017

Advisor Professional Development Webinars

Author: California DECA

Calling all advisors!
We are excited to announce that California DECA will once again be providing three California DECA Webinars; the first of which will be next Wednesday, October 4.  Each is free and open to all.  We believe they will be a great opportunity to expand your DECA knowledge and better understand how to integrate DECA into your classroom.  Each webinar will be presented by Ed Trang, California DECA Chapter Development Manager.
While the webinars are ideally suited for Advisors with one to three years of DECA experience, all advisors are invited to participate.  We have intentionally planned them to be brief (30 minutes or less) and to touch on the information that we feel is of greatest importance to our advisors.  See the link below for detailed information and descriptions as well as instructions on how to participate.
See below for a brief description of each webinar and their links:
Let’s Talk About DECA: Learn how DECA fulfills its mission through its guiding principles and Comprehensive Learning Program. DECA programs and activities support educational initiatives and prepare emerging leaders and entrepreneurs to be college and career ready.
The Advisor’s Role & Integrating DECA Into The Classroom: This module covers the art of mastering the roles and responsibilities associated with being a DECA advisor. Become a competitive events champion by integrating DECA’s Competitive Events into classroom curriculum.
DECA’s Competitive Events 101: DECA’s Competitive Events Program is based on National Curriculum Standards, the Career Clusters model, and all of DECA’s competitive events also integrate 21st century skills. Take an overview of DECA’s competitive events offerings. This session provides an introduction to DECA’s competitive events, performance indicators, and where to find more resources.
Click here to download the CA DECA Advisor Webinar Flyer.

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