April 18, 2017

March Press Kit

Author: California DECA

The California DECA March Press Kit

Message from the President

This has been a hectic yet joyful month for the entire State Officer Team. From being elected to starting work as a team, it has been a month of getting ready for the year ahead.
At our welcome retreat in Irvine, we worked closely with the state staff to further develop our leadership skills, foster a team-oriented mindset, map out our broad goals for the coming year, and film our ICDC promotional video.
This next month is often one of the busiest months of the year. But, with continued preparation and development, I am certain that we will overcome any challenges to come and produce a stellar Program of Work for the members of California DECA.
— David Xu


Articles From Chapters

Washington High School Staff Recognized by California DECA

This past March, two Washington High School teachers were recognized by California DECA for their outstanding efforts as teachers and as leaders.
During the opening session of California DECA’s SCDC, Ms. Lisa-Marie Burns, a business instructor at Washington High School, was named California DECA’s Business Person of the Year, and Mr. Vincent Wu, a math teacher and DECA advisor, earned the title of Advisor of the Year.
Ms. Burns has been a dedicated coach and advocate for DECA, frequently serving as a judge and starting scholarship programs for her local DECA chapter, all while managing her financial consulting firm and earning a Ph.D. in organizational leadership. Mr. Wu, described by many as a selfless and passionate leader, has gone out of his way to ensure the best DECA experience for all of his students and has recently been appointed as the advisor for the Northern California District Action Team.
California DECA would like to thank these two once again for their commitment, and we are immensely grateful for all of the business educators who continue to shape the emerging leaders and entrepreneurs of tomorrow.
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Washington High School Implements Tier Program to Adapt to California’s CTE Policy

In the face of recent policies regarding Career and Technical Education in California, Washington High School DECA has implemented its very own tier program to help members who were not able to compete in DECA this year get a head start.
The tiered program consists of two levels of membership: one being the DECompetitors, members enrolled in a CTE class and eligible to compete at conferences, and the other being the DECApprentices, members not eligible to compete but still interested in DECA. DECApprentices, which are mostly underclassmen, attend workshops and mock competitions to gain points for prizes and event discounts throughout the year in addition to officer opportunities.
As a whole, the newly-pioneered program aims to gauge member interest and encourage non-competing members to stay active in DECA for future years to come.
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Amador Valley DECA Students Host Public Speaking Contest for Elementary Schoolers

On March 24, Amador Valley DECA students hosted a public speaking contest for elementary school students in partnership with RSVP Speech, an affiliate organization.  The contest, which took place after weeks of speaking workshops and individual preparation, consisted of a performance of the speech by the participants and recognition of the winners.
This year, RSVP Speech prompted students to answer the question: “How can you make an impact on the world?”  Participants attended speaking classes and were guided by instructors through the speech writing process, and later presented their final speeches to a panel of judges the week of the contest.
RSVP Speech, an organization founded in 2012 by Amador Valley DECA students, emphasizes the importance of public speaking by equipping elementary schoolers with essential speaking skills for the future, and its efforts have been endorsed by Assemblywoman Catharine Baker.  The annual contest serves as a testament to Amador Valley’s commitment to giving back and the students’ passion for growing the next generation of speakers and leaders.
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California DECA March Newsletter

Team 67 Prepares for ICDC

ICDC is quickly approaching, and as the hosts, your new State Officer Team has been working hard to ensure that this year’s international conference is flawless.
Team 67 has spent the last few weeks transitioning into their new positions and diligently preparing for ICDC’s social media promotions, competition workshops, and state meetings. Here’s a friendly reminder from the state officers to continue studying your competitive events and bring home that #CAgold!  Team 67 wishes good luck to all the competitors and strives to help everyone own their future at #DECAICDC!
Team 67 wishes good luck to all the competitors and strives to help everyone own their future at #DECAICDC!

SCDC Recap

This past March, over 4,000 DECA members from around the state attended the annual State Career Development Conference from March 2-5, 2017 in Santa Clara, CA, which was the pinnacle California DECA conference of the year. Here, members displayed their competitive excellence in roleplay, written, virtual business, and protege events.
Members enjoyed the various highlights of the conference, including the opening session, motivational speaker John Beede, mini awards, campaign activities, workshops, President’s Council, DECA dance, election session, and grand awards.
On the final day, members of California DECA were recognized for their efforts and found out who would be representing the association at our international competition.  SCDC was adjourned with a farewell from Team 66 and an introduction to Team 67, the six newly-elected state officers that will lead California DECA in the coming year.

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