June 8, 2017

May Press Kit

Author: California DECA

California’s DECA May Newsletter

Message From the President

May, or better known as the month of post-ICDC blues, was a time for end-of-the-year celebration and planning for the oncoming DECA year. This month, the state officer team had the honor of being invited to various end-of-the-year banquets, and we were incredibly impressed by the accomplishments and passion of each and every chapter we visited. As the final DECA event of the year for many chapters, the banquets were a great opportunity to meet many newly-elected officer teams and give our thanks and farewells to the graduating seniors.
With the end of the year nicely wrapped up, the state officers also began the majority of the planning for the upcoming DECA year. At the May Strategic Planning Retreat in Sacramento, the officers advocated for CTE funding at the state capitol and finalized the overarching goals for the coming season. For more details on the Program of Leadership, a more detailed breakdown can be found here.

Articles From the Chapters

Amador Valley DECA Visits Local Corporations
On May 15, a group of Amador Valley DECA members visited Workday, a company that offers cloud-based applications for finance and human resources. There, they attended sessions led by Workday employees that gave them insight on professional development and corporate marketing and also shared their knowledge for real-life application.
After the job shadow, one student remarked, “their advice allowed me to see things from a new perspective and helped me understand the topics more in depth,” showing how a hands-on approach truly allows DECA students to gain an advantage in the real business world.
Additionally, on May 23rd, several students attended a Clorox factory. There, they toured the product testing machines and participated in discussions with the management about new Clorox products. One notable product idea was the addition of a scent on the wipe that would mask the odor of a spill or mess.
According to student Simran Regmi, “the scent would add on to the disinfecting properties of Clorox and offer the consumer an added reason to buy the product.” This exchange led to deeper discussions on the intricacies of the product and how it would be marketed. The DECA students were able to contribute their ideas to Clorox and understand the different aspects a business must consider before launching a new product.

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