March 1, 2018

Team 67's Program of Leadership Overview

Author: California DECA

From David Xu, State President:
Your 2017-18 California DECA State Officer Team is incredibly excited to showcase their plans and aspirations for the coming year. Team 67 will strive to accomplish more than ever in the various subsections of the Program of Leadership, emphasizing communication and support for all chapters.
The Program of Leadership will be divided up as follows, each with a brief description of the overarching goal and main action items.


The biggest goal this year with marketing is to improve our media presence on all platforms by consistently posting engaging and positive content. Through this approach, CA DECA will better connect with its members and garner support from alumni, professional, and government audiences.
Some specific goals include:

  • Maintaining and expanding the monthly press kit
  • Improving engagement with alumni and professional members
  • CTE advocacy materials, presentations, fact sheets


Quite possibly the largest section of our POL, this section aims to provide a chapter support packet that will help both new and experienced chapters with everything from competition to financial grants.
Additionally we aim to continuously update our members with the progress of projects and activities of the officer team.

  • Creation of a chapter packet
  • Monthly President’s messages to increase transparency
  • Resources to aid emerging chapters


Through both fundraiser materials and support for CTE and CTSO funding, we aim to expand CA DECA’s capital resources.

  • Handbook of fundraising ideas
  • Promoting the School Based Enterprise program

Career Development

Although this website has various competition resources, our goal is to update and expand these resources to target helping newer chapters with competitive training.
Here are some ways we’ll accomplish this:

  • Past winner interviews
  • Written event prompt breakdowns
  • Testing study guides


Leaders create more leaders, and it is our goal to nurture and develop the potential within each and every one of our members through engaging leadership development conferences and leadership training resources. Some aspects of this area include:

  • Northern California District Action Team
  • Chapter officer training resources

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