April 28, 2023

California DECA Top 20 Finalists at ICDC

Author: California DECA

Hi California DECA! We are so proud of your hard work and dedication this year! 1 in 4 of our competitors finalized in their events at this year’s International Career Development Conference! It was so exciting seeing you all challenge yourself and Get the Edge! 

Team Decision Making Events

  • Enduri and Vazirani (Lynbrook High School) – BTDM
  • Lakshamanan and Medina (Irvington High School) – ETDM
  • Gnanasundar and Paruchuri (Dublin High School) – ETDM
  • Emilee and Mitnick (The Harker School) – ETDM
  • Bae and Li (Monta Vista High School) – FTDM
  • Bhagatwala and Shah (Monta Vista High School) – HTDM
  • Liu and Thota (Washington High School) – HTDM
  • Katyal and Saxena (Mission San Jose High School) – MTDM
  • Chen and Shao (Amador Valley High School)- TTDM
  • Lim and Shen (Monta Vista High School) – TTDM
  • Leung and Sharma (Dublin High School) – TTDM

Written Events

  • Battula, Kim, and Namburu (Mountain House High School) – FOR
  • Ghai, Gupta, and Seerla (Irvington High School) – HTOR
  • Bandopadhyay, Bhatia, Kartik (Lynbrook High School) – SEOR
  • Hegde and Kapoor (Mission San Jose High School) – EBG
  • Gupta, Ravi, Yu (The Harker School) – EFB
  • Blennemann, Chung and Gao (The Harker School) – IBP

Project Management

  • Baig and Goli (Martin Luther King High School) – PMBS 
  • Garg and Vajragiri (Irvington High School) – PMBS
  • Li (Foothill High School) – PMCA
  • Luo and Qian (Mission San Jose High School) – PMFL
  • Latif, Ragu, and Sriram (Foothill High School) – PMSP

Virtual Events

  • Gorantla, Kale, Patra (Adrian Wilcox High School) – SMG
  • Raja, Saggeri, Saraiya (Adrian Wilcox High School) – SMG
  • Lin, Ramjahn, Telang (Monta Vista High School) – SMG

Professional Selling and Consulting Events

  • Tanvi Sivakumar (The Harker School) – FCE
  • Maya Sriram (BASIS Independent Silicon Valley) – HTPS
  • Sonia Swamy (Monta Vista High School) – HTPS
  • Arianna Hsu (Carlmont High School) – PSE
  • Timothy Schoonover (Quarry Lane High School)- PSE

Integrated Marketing Campaign 

  • Hu and Koya (Mission San Jose High School) – IMCE
  • Hannah Kim (Henry M Gunn High School) – IMCE
  • Wang (Mission San Jose High School) – IMCP
  • Lee, Merchia, Wang (The Harker School) – IMCS
  • Ho, Kulshreshtha, Xu (Monta Vista High School) – IMCS

Individual Series 

  • Ritika Surana (Irvington High School) – ACT
  • Matthew Kim (North Hollywood High School) – ACT
  • Alyssa Nguyen – (Torrey Pines High School) AAM
  • Rushil Sahai (Foothill High School) – ASM
  • Saahira Dayal (The Harker School)- ASM
  • Christopher Sun (Monta Vista High School) – BFS 
  • Milad Rasoli (Carlmont High School)- BFS
  • Amy Jiayang Qin (Sage Hill High School) – ENT
  • Anushka Patel (Irvington High School) – FMS
  • Divya Balaji (Lynbrook High School) – FMS
  • Kacie Hu (Amador Valley High School) – HLM
  • Pooja Prabakran (BASIS Independent Silicon Valley) – HRM
  • Anvi Vasa (Foothill High School) – MCS
  • Rishvik Ravi (Monta Vista High School) – QSRM
  • Maggie Yang (Monta Vista High School) – QSRM
  • Tobi Nwodo (Valley Christain High School) – QSRM
  • Natalie Chen (Milpitas High School)- RFSM
  • Ridhima Motewar (Quarry Lane High School) – RMS
  • Shivank Dhamija (Monta Vista High School) – RMS
  • Isabel Dong (Foothill High School) – SEM
  • Neal Jain (Foothill High School) – SEM
  • Bhavya Mehta (Washington High School) – PBM
  • Ritika Rawat (Carlmont High School) – PFN
  • Parth Dama (Lynbrook High School) – PFN
  • Diane Shih (Adrian Wilcox High School) – PFL

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