December 11, 2023

Stepping Up to Lead!

Author: California DECA

DECA Leadership

Leadership is an integral part of the ultimate DECA experience, and DECA provides many opportunities for personal and professional growth. Through hands-on leadership roles at the chapter, association, and executive levels, you can develop skills including communication, teamwork, and problem-solving. Leadership in DECA showcases your initiative, responsibility, and commitment to growing as a leader (and adds a touch to resumes!). Pursuing leadership roles in DECA will allow you experience the difference and prepare you for your future! 

Why Lead at the Chapter Level?

  • Leadership Development: serving as a leader within your chapter allows you to develop essential leadership skills and learn how to apply them through a hands-on approach
  • Community Impact: chapter leaders often organize and participate in community service projects, giving back to the community while fostering a sense of responsibility and civic engagement among your chapter’s members!

Working Towards a Position Within your Chapter

  • Active Participation: Throughout the year, make sure to demonstrate your commitment to DECA by participating in chapter activities/events such as minicons, conferences, and fundraisers
  • Take Initiative: Highlight your leadership potential and drive by proposing (and leading) new initiatives within your chapter and community
  • Application Process: Apply to be a chapter officer! Follow your chapter’s process for appointing the officer team once the application opens

Why Lead at the Association Level?

  • Build Your Network: leading at the state level provides numerous opportunities to meet and collaborate with students, advisors, and industry professionals from all over the world! This networking can lead to mentorship, internship, and future career opportunities 
  • Skill Development: You will have the opportunity to hone specific skills relevant to your role (marketing, finance, etc) as well as broader 21st century skills such as public speaking and event coordination, which can be highly beneficial in future endeavors!

Working Towards a Position in California DECA

  • Chapter Leadership Experience: Gain experience with leading your chapter! Work on developing your leadership skills and learning more about yourself as a leader. Many state officers have strong chapter leadership backgrounds before applying for state office!
  • Involve yourself with DECA events: Attend both competitive and leadership-centered DECA conferences (districts, SCDC, ICDC, Power Trip, WRLC, etc). Online workshops, seminars, and calls (such as the One DECA Call) are amazing opportunities to network with current state officers and advisors as well!
  • Apply and Campaign: Follow the Application and Campaign guidelines outlined on the California DECA website. Throughout your campaign, showcase your experience and passion for DECA. 

Why Lead at the Executive Level?

  • International Impact: You will have the opportunity to shape initiatives, drive innovation, and inspire members at an international scale, leaving a lasting legacy within DECA.
  • Personal Growth: Executive roles challenge officers to stretch beyond their comfort zones, fostering personal growth, resilience, confidence, and adaptability
  • College and Career Readiness: holding an executive position in DECA demonstrates a high level of commitment, responsibility, and leadership on applications and resumes

Working Towards a Position with DECA Inc

  • Outside Leadership Experience: Showcase a strong background in leadership by serving in positions with organizations and clubs that are meaningful to you!
  • Network, Network, Network! Growing your network and establishing meaningful connections with members and officers from all across the country is crucial as you prepare to run for an executive leadership position 
  • Apply and Campaign: Running for an executive leadership position involves a Knowledge Test, interview, nomination, caucusing with association leaders, and delivering a campaign speech. It is a lengthy process that takes place over the course of a few months!

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