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Are you looking to share your organization with over 2,000 of California’s best and brightest high school students? California DECA’s State Career Development Conference is the perfect venue to promote your brand, share your story, and recruit California’s emerging entrepreneurs. Check out our FAQ sheet for exhibiting and advertising with California DECA.

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With an array of leveled sponsorships ranging from $250 – $7,500, California DECA has a partnership opportunity for every organization. Whether you’re looking for an exhibitor booth, registration packet inserts, or on-stage recognition, California DECA will work with you to create a package just for you. Contact us at for more information.

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Conference Sponsorship

DECA produces many exciting conferences every year–for both our teacher-advisors and our student-members. Within our membership, these conferences build excitement for learning more about marketing, management, and entrepreneurship — a for pursuing career pathways in these subjects.

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Competitive Event Sponsorship

Sponsorship of a competitive event is a great opportunity for your company to gain instant visibility and to support the skill development of thousands of students in an area of interest to the company.  More than 125,000 DECA members participate in the competitive events program each year.

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Giving Back

California DECA relies on the support of business volunteers each day who serve and become role-models to future leaders. There are many ways you can get involved. Explore the section below to learn about some of the areas where we need help.

More Partnership Opportunities

Serving on a Committee
You may serve on one of California DECA’s many committees. Committee members help plan events, offer ideas for improvement and pool their resources with other members to make DECA better than ever.
Chapter Fundraising
California DECA’s high school chapters finance most of their activities through fundraisers. Most chapters use the fundraising activity as a learning experience, organizing the students into teams, selecting products or services, identifying responsibility, and reporting on results. Chapters are continuously searching for new and innovative fundraising programs. California DECA is a great market for businesses that seek to offer fundraising programs in high schools.
College Recruitment
California’s DECA members are highly motivated, results oriented students with strong academic credentials; this is the type of student that colleges and post-secondary institutions want. Many colleges have found DECA to be a great recruiting resource. A recent study found that 86% of graduating DECA members plan on attending college. Typical DECA members have the work experience and community services as part of their DECA experience.
Employment Opportunities
One of DECA’s most successful tools for creating local linkages is the Employment Partnership Program. The components of this program combine the promotion of your company and/or products to young people and assist with the recruitment of DECA members for appropriate jobs within your organization. Each component of the program serves to reinforce both concepts while building strong, effective, local partnerships between store managers and local DECA advisors.
School-Based Enterprises
School-based enterprises (SBEs) are effective tools that are used to help prepare students for the transition from school to work. For many students, these school stores provide the first work experience; for others, they provide and opportunity to build management, supervision and leadership skills. While some in the education community have only recently discovered the value of school-based enterprises, marketing educators and DECA advisors have used them as a powerful teaching tool for more than four decades.
Scholarships are often times a great motivator for a student to decide to attend college. DECA’s scholarship program provides about a quarter of a million dollars each year. More than 50 corporations provide scholarships through the DECA Scholarship Program. DECA, Inc. administers the program based on guidelines set by the donor and freeing the company from any potential compensation issues.

JoAna Sydow Scholarship

JoAna Sydow was a lifelong educator and CTE advocate who left a lasting impact on California DECA and the students she served. To advance her legacy of dedication, enthusiasm and spunk, a scholarship was created in her honor through California DECA. To contribute financially and help us remember Mrs. JoAna Sydow, please give through the online submission below or send checks to California DECA.

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