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California DECA November Press Kit

California DECA November Newsletter Message From the President November was an extremely exciting month for the state officer team as district conference registration was collected and competition training kicked into high gear. Through competition outlines and mini-conferences, the state officer team made sure to provide the most support possible for upcoming competition in January. With […]

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California DECA October Press Kit

California DECA October Newsletter Message From the President The State Officer Team started the conference season with a bang, helping facilitate the Northern California and Southern California Leadership Development Conferences! This conference was just a taste of the great things to come this year, and we hope to fill the remainder of 2017 with plenty […]

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California DECA September Press Kit

California DECA September Newsletter Message From the President With exciting events like the NorCal and SoCal LDC up ahead, the state officer team has been working to establish connections with officers and advisors across the state. From presenting at the California Advisor Conference to contacting numerous student leaders, the state officer team is thrilled to […]

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California DECA August Press Kit

California DECA August Newsletter Message From the President With the start of the school year for many schools, the state officer team worked to begin implementing the plans we’d been working on throughout the summer. From competition materials to an upcoming chapter packet, the state officer team is excited to help chapters recruit new members […]

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California DECA July Press Kit

California DECA July Newsletter Message From the President This month, the state officer team had the opportunity at ELS to network with other association officer teams and exchange valuable insights about creative the most memorable DECA experience for our members.  With the school year starting just around the corner, the team is working to finish […]

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California DECA June Press Kit

California DECA June Newsletter Message From the President With the DECA school year over, June was a time for the officer team to step back and evaluate the year so far. Despite hectic schedules, the team worked to further flesh out plans for the coming year, including a chapter handbook and improved competition materials. In […]

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May Press Kit

California’s DECA May Newsletter Message From the President May, or better known as the month of post-ICDC blues, was a time for end-of-the-year celebration and planning for the oncoming DECA year. This month, the state officer team had the honor of being invited to various end-of-the-year banquets, and we were incredibly impressed by the accomplishments […]

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April Press Kit

California DECA April Newsletter Message From the President This was an incredibly busy month for not just the State Officer Team, but all of California DECA. We all owned our future at ICDC in Anaheim, with California once again proving our competitive excellence with 80 finalists, 50 Top 10 finishes, and 14 trophies! From riding […]

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