Team 60

Team 60: 2010 – 2011 State Officers

State President

Sonika Singh (Bio)

Vice President of Chapter Development

Rohin Pendekanti (Bio)

Vice President of Northern District

Isabel Chi (Bio)

Vice President of Southern District

Angeline Dy (Bio)

Vice President of Public Relations

Bruce Feldman (Bio)

Vice President of Civic Consciousness

Geena Dai (Bio)

State Officer Biographies

Sonika Singh
State President

A junior at Monta Vista High school, Sonika’s been a DECA member for three years, and enjoyed each one of them. After serving as Silicon Valley DECA president for the last academic year, Sonika expanded her experience – and the state organization, creating four new chapters, and spreading her passion for DECA proactively by furthering the organization in her community. As a freshman, she placed 1st place at internationals, and received 5th place as a sophomore.

Sonika looks forward to serving as California DECA State President this year. Her pride in her state and her peers serves as her motivating factor for the upcoming DECA year. Beyond the competitive and structural goals she has established, she aims to meet and connect with each of California DECA’s members.

Sonika also serves as Captain of her school’s Varsity Water Polo team for the past two years, President of the Special Olympics Community Service Club, and is the ‘listen’ editor of Bay Magazine. She’s an avid member in her community by participating in the Cupertino Chamber of Commerce as well as works as a swim instructor and lifeguard. Beyond the titles however, Sonika’s positions are all united by her zest – be it to write, swim, or socialize.

A dessert enthusiast, don’t be fooled by her size, she’ll eat virtually anything she can get her hands on! Sonika attributes her success to her advisor, Carl Schmidt, her parents, and to all the quirky friends and unbelievable peers who have impacted her throughout her DECA journey. She looks forward to serving as your 2010-2011 State President, and promises to make you proud.

Rohin Pendekanti
Vice President of Chapter Development

Rohin Pendekanti currently attends Amador Valley High School in Pleasanton, California is part of the 2011 class. As your Vice President of Chapter Development, it is Rohin’s job to ensure that DECA students from all across the state are getting the best experience possible.

He joined DECA as a freshman, and was very impressed with the massive network of students the DECA organization consisted of. His leadership experiences at Amador Valley High School in Pleasanton make him even better prepared to take on the job. Serving as Vice President of Corporate Development for his school’s DECA chapter enabled him to work with all students in the chapter, and helping them reach their goals. As the Founder and President of the Amador Valley Stock Market Club, he brings students together from all over campus to get a chance to learn more about the Stock Market and Wall Street. Also, he joined the Pleasanton Chamber of Commerce which allowed DECA to create numerous friends and partners in numerous industries.

He knows that with his fantastic state officer team, the sky is the limit. Without the support of his friends, family, and chapter advisor, Ms. Laurie Andrews, his DECA experience wouldn’t be nearly as enriching as it is today. He is looking forward to a great year with California DECA!

Isabel Chi
Vice President of Northern District

Isabel Chi is class of 2011 at Castro Valley High School and she loves being a part of California DECA. She became involved in her local chapter her sophomore year and has been an active member ever since. In the 2009-2010 school year, she served as Vice President of Public Relations and thrived as a leader in her chapter.

Isabel has a knack for leadership; she has served in numerous positions from Business Manager of the award-winning school newspaper the Castro Valley Olympian, to Junior Class Secretary in her school’s Student Council, to President of a community service club called Teens Reaching Out.

She also runs on CVHS’s Cross Country and Track teams because of her love of running. In her spare time, Isabel has many things she enjoys doing; some of which include reading, listening to music, baking, snowboarding, long strolls on the beach under the moonlight, candle-lit bubble baths, and hanging out with her friends. Lately she has been attempting to surf whenever she gets a chance.

Her warmhearted personality is something she’d like to share since she is eager to meet as many members as possible during her term. Isabel looks forward to leading DECA as your Vice President of Northern California. DECA has helped shape Isabel’s life and she is passionate for it and hopes to instill that same passion for DECA in other members

Angeline Dy
Vice President of Southern District

Angeline Dy has had the pleasure of serving California DECA as Vice President of Southern California from 2009-2010; and is excited to serve for another amazing term in the same position for the 2010-2011 year. Presently, Angeline is a 16 year old Junior at Rancho Bernardo High School in San Diego.

Angeline has been in DECA since her freshman year, and was influenced to join it because of her brother, who had participated in DECA 10 years prior. Her freshman year, she placed top 10 with her Fashion Merchandising Promotion Plan; during her sophomore year, became Secretary of her DECA chapter; and her junior year, proudly served as the Vice President of Southern California and wont 2nd overall in Apparel and Accessories Marketing.

In other activities besides DECA, Angeline is an active member in her Filipino Cultural Club where she is the Activity’s Commissioner. She planned the district retreat for all the Filipino clubs, which was a huge success.  Angeline is also on the Hip-Hop team and has choreographed pieces for Rancho Bernardo Hip-Hop. Along with those activities, she is a 1st degree black belt in martial arts and has taught numerous classes on leadership and physical training. She is the Outreach Commissioner for the Associate Student Body; a job that bridges that gap between the students and ASB, through student assemblies and meetings. She has recently been positioned as Vice President, and now overlooks the 79 clubs on campus.

There are five things that she loves the most at this point: her friends, family, God, school and DECA. Angeline plans to major in Fashion Merchandising and hopes to attend either Berkeley, Johnson & Wales or NYU.

Angeline knows this will be an amazing year. She’s seen it once, and she’ll see it again.

Bruce Feldman
Vice President of Public Relations

Bruce Feldman is extremely excited to be your 2010-2011 California DECA Vice President of Public Relations.  As part of the graduating class of 2012, the upcoming year will be Bruce’s third year in DECA.  He joined DECA on the first day of freshman year and soon became the Fremont High School DECA Vice President of Public Relations.  Soon after, he created a website linked to his school that is now being used as the model for other clubs at his school.  That development caused him to become, in addition to Public Relations, the Vice President of Web Communications for his chapter.

Outside of school and DECA, Bruce participates in a variety of activities ranging from Journalism to the French Honor Society. Bruce is engaged in a plethora of activities, which have forced him to adapt time management and organizational skills to keep on top of it all.  By taking part in a wide range of subjects, Bruce has been exposed to many different viewpoints and has gained much experience managing organizations.  In addition, sports, especially soccer, are an integral part of Bruce’s life.  Sports have supplemented Bruce’s skill set by lending him communication and teamwork skills, taught him how to lose gracefully and how to strive to achieve a common goal. 

Bruce loves building things, meeting new people, and learning new things.  He is grossly indebted to his chapter and family for their support and is looking ahead to a great 2010-2011 DECA year.

Geena Dai
Vice President of Civic Consciousness

Geena Dai is part of Rancho Bernardo DECA class of 2013. She is currently serving as California DECA’s Vice President of Civic Consciousness, and she is extremely excited to help make this year a fantastic year for California DECA. Geena joined the Rancho Bernardo DECA chapter in her freshman year, and has been an active and enthusiastic member ever since.

Being a diligent student and hard worker, Geena excels in academics. She always loves a good challenge, and she is currently taking in some of the most vigorous courses offered to students at school and doing well in her classes. She participates in Key Club, Academic League and serves as a Student Senator at her school. She is also in Science Olympiad, and placed exceptionally well in regional and state competition.  After school, she likes to train and practice with her Rancho Bernardo Track and Field team.

Aside from DECA, school, and the many other events that she participates in; Geena also has many hobbies. She loves music, both modern and classical. She plays the piano and hopes to pass the Advanced Level this upcoming year. She loves to help out younger kids through tutoring and coaching. Geena also has a passion for art, poetry, and writing, and often draws, reads, or writes in her free time.

Above all, Geena Dai is honored to serve as the VP of Civic Consciousness and hopes to make the DECA experience the most valuable and memorable experience in its members’ high school careers.