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Our vast support system is here to get Chapters started. With our Fast Start page, a resource navigational guide is provided to get the balling rolling at your school. You can also reach out for assistance at:

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California DECA Chapter Curriculum Affiliation Guide

As an active chapter or new school looking to start a chapter, the California DECA Chapter Curriculum Affiliation Guide is a must read document. The guide goes over our cost structure, school license model and benefits to DECA. DECA has traditionally been a membership driven educational tool. In this model, DECA was too often treated on campus as a school club or extra-curricular organization. However, the richness of the DECA educational experience is at its fullest strength and provides the greatest educational value when DECA is operated as a co-curricular instructional tool. The new site license model for DECA affiliation is aimed at giving teacher advisors an easier and more inclusive format for integrating DECA on campus and in CTE classes.

Chapter Affiliation Guide

California DECA Chapter Affiliation Agreement

Read and review the California DECA Chapter Affiliation Agreement and School Site License document.

Chapter Affiliation Agreement

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Check out our extensive Document Library with everything you need to get going.

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